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Recovering from Injury

Things to think about that might speed up the healing process

The advice from your doctor or physical therapist is pretty much the best course of action for the healing process. They know when to prescribe no activity and when it’s time to stimulate change. They can also tell when your muscles have become accustomed to a load and prescribe a progression. Here’s some ways that will hurt your chances of a quick recovery.  

Some common downfalls that lead to failed PT prescribed Home Exercise Programs:

  • “I forgot how my PT said I should do this exercise, or what specific exercises I should do”

  • “I am too busy to incorporate these exercises in my day. Besides, going to therapy twice  week for some exercise should be enough, right?”

  • “I don’t enjoy working out on my own”

  • “I can never stretch as well as when someone else does it for me”

  • “I’ve been feeling a little better, so instead of performing only 1 set of 10 for my exercises, I just did sets of 50. The more the better! But now I hurt again, and I don’t know why.”

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