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Recognizing Positive Ambitions and Evidence of Achievement

Making Time for Dedication

My Fiance' and I have recently moved to Maryland ready for a fresh start. We crossed the river from Northern VA to start new jobs and put a bigger emphasis on our health. Both of our jobs used to required 10+ hours a day and left us tired and with little to no energy. I have raced in a handful of Para Triathlons trying to get points to race for the USA in the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Races in venues like Chicago, Detroit, Tempe, and Austin organized by the International Triathlon Union ( Midway through 2015 I had a realization that I wasn't on any podiums and didn't have the sponsorship to travel to the races in different countries. I'm making some considerable changes to be in the 2020 Tokyo Games. Budgeting time for training is now going to be something I put much more emphasis on. This year (2016) will have less races to limit time for taper and recovery that usually takes the place of scheduled workouts. With this extra volume of stress on my muscles and joints, I'm implementing more stretching and yoga into the weekly routine.  My nutrition will also get a makeover that will limit processed foods and replace those calories with fruits and vegetables. I will keep this blog updated with improvements and success of my clients and myself.   

What Have I Done For My Health Today?

At the end of the day I'm usually asking myself what kind of activity have I done to increase or at least maintain my athleticism. My week usually has a loose schedule of 2 days of swim, 2 bike, 2 run, 3 lift, and 1 midsection. Obviously some days have two separate workouts or I put together two disciplines for longer sessions. If you're training for a triathlon biking then running is a good practice to simulate how your leg muscles will react on race day. Some days get hectic and it's hard to make fitness a priority. Usually that days is categorized as a rest day and I try to make sure there aren't two of those back to back. Some beginners have a hard time enjoying fitness but after it becomes a routine you will find out that feeling of accomplishment is something you don't want to live without.  

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