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    Partner workouts help both participants push a little harder and maintain a good tempo. Friendly competition and smiles are pretty much a given when you're sharing a workout with a buddy. Partner Rates Available

    Explosive endurance workouts are way more fun than elliptical/treadmill sessions and generate muscles

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  • Conquer's Mission

    CONQUER Fitness, LLC is a limited liability company formed by sole proprietor Chris Tate. CONQUER is a fitness program that provides both individualized one-on-one personal training, as well as partner/group workouts, designed to meet the needs of all consumers young and old, ranging from both experienced and inexperienced with fitness. In the words of Napoleon Hill, “If you do not conquer self, you will be conquered by self.” Christopher Tate has had to overcome personal physical challenges to rise to the Elite Athlete he is today. He uses his knowledge, experience, and inspiration to drive people to become the best versions of themselves, and achieve their goals.

    Build Your Base

    A solid foundation will ensure safe and effective movement in sport or even daily activities. Simple body weight squats can give a lot of information about a person's Flexibility, Muscle Imbalances, and/or Balance Issues. Starting with the basics and developing proper technique gives a beginner a huge advantage and can also fine tune skills for someone with more experience.

    Each "CONQUERer" will have their own personalized program composed by a fitness professional with individually identified  strengths and weaknesses, that will be well documented from session to session of every program, with the amounts of sets, reps, and weights.  This is a great way to visually see you come closer to every goal that is set.

    Consistency Generates Change  

    Half the Battle is just showing up. Putting together a balanced routine and sticking to it is the best way to get the results you want. Adding exercise to your lifestyle will boost your energy and change the way you look at food. Then food becomes fuel for activity and you will look for nourishment that aids your performance.

    Having set appointments with a trainer gives you accountability. If someone is expecting you then you are less likely to skip and miss out on a chance to improve.

  • About Me

    Owner and Personal Trainer: Chris Tate


    Para Triathlete

    Since becoming "disabled" in 2010 I caught the endurance racing bug. I use corrective exercises and implement stretching techniques into my daily routine to keep my body strong while avoiding injury. My goal is to compete at the 2020 Paralympic Games in Triathlon.    


    At the ITU Chicago World Championship I raced the Open Para category and received first place finishing at the beautiful Buckingham Fountain.


    Advertising for races and sponsors is a great way to give back to the sport I love. I have been so fortunate to meet athletes and coaches that have given their time and expertise to make me who I am today.


    Some of my favorite races are located in my home the DC Metro Area. After this interview for the Rock and Roll Half Marathon I got one of my fastest times with 1:38:14


    Other Fun Races Include

    • Parkway Classic, 
    • Across the Bay 10k
    • North Face Endurance Challenge 
    • Wilson Bridge Half
    • Nations Triathlon  
    • Men's Health Urbanathalon 


    I have been fortunate enough to both have been asked to write articles for some great publications, as well as have been written about.


    Check out his article on page 42 of the Amputee Coalition Magazine InMotion by clicking the link below:



    Here are a few others:




    • NASM-CPT
    • NSPA-CPT
    • N.C.C.P.T-CPT
    • Smart Fitness (NCCA)
    Specialty Certifications
    • TRX-GSTC
    • Mad Dog SPIN
    • Kettle Bell
    • Dynamax
    • CPR/AED
  • my Services

    Personal Training Packages + Group Classes

    Individualized Training

    One-On-One Attention

    Personalized sessions that target your objectives by utilizing gym time efficiently. No distractions, just hard work and determination to bring your athleticism to a new level 

    Group Training 

    Find motivation through competition and sportsmanship   

    Experience the rush of energy from the combined heart rate of others sweating along with you. Feeding off the group can be exhilarating and give you a new found endurance. 

  • Available Packages

  • CONQUER's Promotional Offer

    No Membership Required!

    What Do You Want To CONQUER?

    Promotional Consultation $25.00

    1 Time 60 minute $25 session

    Fitness Assessment and Goal Development


    3 Hour Sessions for $150.00

    1 Time 3 Session Package

    To be used within a two week time period


    1 Month Package $560.00

    2 one hour sessions per week for 1 month

    Turns the exercise experience into a habit that will be the building blocks to meeting your individualized goals


    2 Month Package $1,000.00

    2 one hour sessions per week for 2 months

    Puts more emphasis on accountability and motivation to be a better you


    3 Month Package $1,500.00

    2 one hour sessions per week for 3 months

    Solidifies your resolve to create a lasting healthy lifestyle

    Group Classes

    Single Session $20

    12 Sessions: $240

    24 Sessions: $360

    48 Sessions: $650



    Wednesday + Friday


    Schedule at least 24 hours in advance 




  • Connect With Us

    Located at 50 Southlawn Ct, Rockville, MD 20850


    (703) 401-4163

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